1.   Maximum vehicle speed on PCEC property is 7MPH.  SLOW DOWN for safety and dust control.

2.   KEEP FIRE ROAD CLEAR: Remain within the red lines (fire road) in the North, D.G. covered area, until you arrive at your designated parking area. 

3.   There is an individual fee for R.V. parking with water and electric in the North Section payable to your event management. 

4.   HOSING in the North D.G. Parking Area is restricted to the matted wash racks – DO NOT rinse horses or vehicles from hose bibs in the North section as this severely damages the surface.  Wash areas are located in the North section adjacent to handicapped parking, next to the Mare Motel and in the Show Barns

5.   NO Arena Turn Outs – Turn Out in Round Pen or Sun Pens ONLY

6.   NO Arena Longeing – Longeing in Round Pen or North Section warm-up areas ONLY

7.   SMOKING PROHIBITED: Campus smoking ban extends to all areas including lot #9 and North Area Parking. 

8.  ALCOHOL PROHIBITED: Possession or use of intoxicating liquors by individuals is grounds for removal by order of Sheriff Department.  Lessee is responsible for informing participants of the no smoking/no alcohol policy.  

9.  NO CAMPFIRES or PERSONAL BBQ GRILLS are allowed on the PCEC grounds at any time.

10. ALL SOUND AMPLIFICATION must be turned off at 10:00 PM each evening. 

11. DOGS, if permitted, must be leashed at all times.  Dogs are prohibited in some areas and at some events.  Check with your event manager before bringing your dogs.   

12. OVERNIGHT OCCUPANCY OF PCEC: Only individuals directly associated with an event are permitted to overnight at the PCEC and then only when overnight use has been authorized in the Permit for Use.  Overnight accommodation must be confined to designated areas and shall never include stalls, arenas, restrooms or barn isles.

13. NO PARTICIPANT MOTOR VEHICLES are allowed down the barn isles.

14. GENERAL PROHIBITIONS: possession or use of intoxicating narcotics, quarreling or fighting, betting or other forms of gambling are prohibited.

15. Minors without a valid driver’s license are not permitted to operate a motorized vehicle of any kind including, but not limited to, golf carts, motorcycles, scooters, or farm utility vehicles on Pierce College property.

16. Participant liability release paperwork must be on file with your show promoter / event manager before using the PCEC.


EMERGENCY sheriff's # (818) 710-4311

non-emergency sheriff's # (818) 719-6450