No matter what your riding ability, Pierce College Horse Science courses will provide you with a leg up in the horse industry.  We will help you to build the strong foundation you will need to launch a business, operate a non-profit or work in the industry.  We want to help you turn your passion for horses into a pathway to a rewarding career.  We encourage all students to make an Associates, Certificate or Transfer plan.  For those that want to dip a hoof in the water first, the individual courses we offer are listed here.  Additional courses can sometimes be taken with a waiver of the prerequisite for those that qualify


Official Equine Science / Horse Science Catalog Requirements

Class Search  This link connects to a college search engine.  Select semester, campus - Pierce and subject - Animal Science.  Then hit search and scroll down to the 600s for the Equine/Horse Science classes. 

EQUINE Science associates degree planner

The Horse Science Associates Degree is a two year program that prepares students to turn their passion for horses into a career in the horse industry.  Instruction includes foundational courses in horse husbandry, health and disease prevention and safe practices for handling and riding.  Degree requirements also include courses in business, communication and computer technology.  Electives allow students to focus on specific areas of interest within the industry.  Those who already have a bachelors or associates degree in another major can earn the Horse Science Associates without repeating the General Education requirements of the AS Horse Science.


EQUINE / Horse Science Certificate


Most students should plan for the Associates or a transfer to a 4-year option.  This pathway opens more career doors.  Those already working in the horse industry, or planning to start a business, may choose to take the certificate pathway.  Students interested in transferring in order to earn a bachelor's degree, may be able to meet the requirements of a Horse Science Certificate of Achievement while also satisfying the transfer requirements for another intended major.  The Certificate could open doors for work while you are enrolled in your degree program and make acceptance into competitive degree programs more likely.