Please begin by filling out the form below.  We will contact you to discuss details and arrange an assessment. Our program is increasing its focus on providing equestrians at many levels with the foundation needed to be successful in the horse industry. We are adding horses to our program that will help us teach handling and training of industry typical horses.  To be considered, horses must be geldings that tie, are currently serviceably sound at walk, trot and canter and have a history of good health. Selected horses must be suitable in temperament for a range of student riding and handling abilities.  No kickers, biters, or stable vices can be considered. Geldings 7-14 years of age that are between 14 and 16 hands are eligible.  We would love to talk with you about our program and the role your horse can play in improving the student experience. Get started by filling out this short form and we will reach out within the week.  Thanks!


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We are accepting horses between 7 and 14 years old
Must be between 14 and 16 Hands
Please let us know what kind of work this horse has done in the last few years. Who rides him and how often? Horse must be doing at least moderate work at walk, trot and canter to be considered.