pierce extension

We are offering Equine Response Training (ERT) through Pierce Extension this fall.  The class will take place on September 24&25 and October 1&2.  Information is on the Evacuation page. 

Pierce Extension is a self-sustaining, user-fee supported program which welcomes everyone in the community to participate.  Taught by experts in their field, Extension classes are offered in addition to Pierce College's instructional program, and are not academic equivalents of regular classes, or prerequisites for the traditional college program. Call us at (818) 719-6425 for more information or to enroll in a class.  You can register by mail, fax, phone or online!  Join us on the road to life-long learning.

Pierce Extension horseback riding classes are offered to the community.  Click here or call 818-719-6425 to register. 

Horseback Riding - Beginning I

Horseback Riding - Continuing (16 Yrs. & up)

Introduction to Riding and Horsemanship (8-12 yrs)