In the event of an emergency which requires large animal evacuations either The County of Los Angeles Animal Care and Control or the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management will select and activate the evacuation site to be used. Various locations are available and are selected depending on the location of the emergency and the area to be evacuated. Pierce College is one of many evacuation sites available.  We do not open without activation.  Sometimes the news media or social media assume that a site will be activated and spread the word without official activation.  No horses can be accepted at a County operated shelter without official activation.  Get the Facts!  This website WILL NOT BE UPDATED during an activation event. 

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Developing an emergency plan is one of the most important steps you can take to insure your safety and the safety of your animals.  Include a shelter-in-place and an evacuation option in your plan. 

This is the "original" handbook written in response to the Malibu Fire.  What do I do with my horse in an emergency?

Old Fire June 2016 from the Pierce College Equine Center looking South. 

Old Fire June 2016 from the Pierce College Equine Center looking South. 

Fall 2016 EQUINE RESPONSE TEAM VOLUNTEER TRAINING Course offered at equine center

The course is 4 full days - 2 Sat & 2 Sun 8:30am – 5:00pm with 30 minutes for lunch
Sept. 24 & 25, Oct 1 & 2 Registration Fee is $199

If you can't attend, but are able to help others with the registration costs, please click on the "pledge" button above. 

disaster and evacuation information for horse owners

During times of fire or other disaster, Pierce College often becomes an evacuation site for horses and large animals in Los Angeles County. The Equine Response Team (ERT) provides critical volunteer support during evacuations , enhancing the safety of horses and people during these emergencies and temporary sheltering events. The County of Los Angeles, Department of Animal Care and Control is responsible for the activation and operation of Equine/Large Animal Evacuation Shelters.  

Equine Response Team provides volunteer support to the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control for the safe evacuation and temporary sheltering and care of horses and livestock during emergencies and educates horse owners about emergency preparedness for their horses.

Why do volunteers need to be certified?

Facility owners are actually turning over their stable to the County when an evacuation center such as Pierce is opened. The County is responsible for the entire operation and for every person volunteering in the evacuation shelter. The contract between County and facility owner requires that volunteers be certified. The potential liability is quite large and the certification system was developed to manage that liability and to protect ERTs, horses and horse owners by making sure that volunteers know what to do, how to do it and when to do it. 

If non-certified volunteers are pulled into the process because there aren't enough ERTs, the entire evacuation agreement is put at risk. If you work in the industry, you know that we are all one foolish slip-up away from dire consequences. A crisis is brewing; we need more West Valley ERT Level 1 & 2 so that shelters can be operated safely and in compliance with the agreements.

Evacuation training at Pierce College

Evacuation training at Pierce College

Entrance to Evacuation Center June 2016

Entrance to Evacuation Center June 2016