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Provide best estimate of the number of vehicles that you will want to park at one time
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Provide best estimate of numbers of stalls occupied for any portion of any day of your event - include show barns, pens and mare motel. You must arrange for all stalls to be stripped prior to your departure.
We have 40 show barn interior stalls, 18 mare motel stalls and approximately 20 outside pens. If your event requires additional stabling, you will arrange that directly and pay a use fee to our facility. We need to know how many stalls you plan to bring in.
Estimate number of horses brought for the day and not stalled. There is a haul in fee for unstalled horses. Promoter pays PCEC and is free to pass on that cost to participants
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We post information about events held at the Equestrian Center Complex unless you inform us that your event is private.
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