Changes to the Horse Science program HAVE BEEN APPROVED:

Changes will go into effect for the fall semester.  Students already enrolled have the option of following the prior plan or switching to the new program requirements. 

Horse Science Major - Associate of Science Degree


This is a 2-year program in Horse Science that provides in-depth course work and hands-on experience for students who wish to work in the horse industry.  Completion of the Associate of Science degree will provide employment opportunities in Stable/Ranch Management, Horse Training, Veterinary Assisting, Riding Instruction, Event Management and other Horse Industry related businesses. Instruction emphasizes hands-on experience and includes horse husbandry, handling, riding and training as well as event planning, business operations and facility management and maintenance.

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Upon completion of this program, students will:

  • Provide horses with the care and feeding recommended by experts and accepted by industry
  • Work with horses safely, effectively and efficiently both on the ground and under saddle
  • Maintain equestrian facilities in a manner consistent with industry standards
  • Plan and manage equestrian events
  • Use current best-practices in the operation of a horse-industry business

For information on registration and course offerings as of November 2016, go to the Pierce College Website  or the department page

Mule Packing Team 2016

Mule Packing Team 2016