is veterinary school the right pathway for you?

If you are a resident of the great state of California, then U.C. Davis is your state sponsored Veterinary School.  That doesn't mean that the schools in other states or the private veterinary schools are closed to you, it just means that U.C. Davis is going to be more affordable IF you can gain admission.  Many students have started at Pierce College and gone on to attend Davis.  This can work for you if you stay focused and make doing well in college your #1 priority. 

 UC Davis Academic Preparation

UC Davis has articulation agreements with all California Community Colleges and with the CSUs and other UCs.  UC Assist is the place to go to see which of the courses required for admission to the veterinary program at U.C. Davis can be taken at Pierce College before you move on to a CSU or UC for your Bachelors Degree.  You can also complete General Education transfer credits at Pierce before attending a CSU or UC.  Taking courses at Pierce, especially if you are living at home or working during the day, saves a lot of money that you can use to avoid spending the first decade after graduation paying back student loans.  If your high school grades and test scores weren't good enough to get into UC Davis as a freshman, good grades at Pierce can open the door for you as a third year transfer student.  Become an expert in your options.  They might surprise you.  

Pierce College Pre-Veterinary Medicine  Although UC Davis no longer admits students who have not earned a Bachelors degree, some veterinary schools still do.  The Pierce College pre-veterinary program can help you to explore these options. 

We also have a Registered Veterinary Technician Program here at Pierce.  Check it out!